“Sonder” as Defined by The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

During my time as a student in Melbourne, whenever I board early morning trains (e.g. 6am, 7am), I have always wondered about the people who were on it, especially those who were clearly either not dressed up to work or those who clearly had a very long night and were just screaming inside wanting to reach home and slam their head against the pillow to get some rest.

I wonder what had happened to them the night before.

Did that rugged-looking guy just came back from partying all night?

How about that lady in white? She obviously looked drunk as a skunk. Did she had a good night? Will she regret her choices last night later on when she’s sober?

Had that handsome red-head man just left his girlfriend’s (or boyfriend’s) place and was just heading home to get a shower and then go to work?

These handful people on the morning train amuses me — I wondered about
Their destination,
Their destiny,
And then I wondered myself,
If they have the exact same thought about me?
What will my destiny be like today?

“Next station, Flinders Street,” the train conductor announced.

I rose up from the train’s seat.

That’s my stop. I’m leaving now.

Dear strangers on the train, our paths have been shortly converged, but now it’s diverging again, like a sonder. Will our paths cross again?